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  • Baidyanath Jhansi Kabja Har...

    • It has formulated kabjahar granules to relieve habitual and occasional constipation
    • Prevents fluid and electrolyte imbalance
    • Non habit forming also relieves allied problems like headache, acidity. It also relieves constipation induced by drugs, change of place or climate
    • Target Audience: Unisex
    • Package Contents: 1 X Baidyanath Kabja Har Granules
    • Products package color may differ

    Baidyanath Jhansi Kabja Har...

  • On & On Spirulina...

    • Energy 1.74 KCal
    • Protein 0.28 g
    • Carbohydrates 0.16 g
    • Fats 0 g
    • Vitamin C 35 g
    • Spirulina Platensis 500 mg
    • Directions : Two capsules a day
    • Benefits >

      • Strengthens Immune System
      • Reduces High cholesterol
      • Regulate High blood Pressure
      • Fights Anemia
      • Fights Diabetes
      • Fights Bad Bacteria & Virus
      • Fights Arthritis & Rheumatism
      • Effective Diet program by replacing 1 meal per day
      • Anti Aging properties
      • Perfect for Vegetaria
      • Boost Energy

    On & On Spirulina...

  • Patanjali Ashvashila Capsule 20...

    • Patanjali Ashvashila Capsule is a combination of Ashwagandha and Shilajit which makes it a powerful remedy in physical weakness, fatigue, stress, generalized weakness, asthma, allergy, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, urinary disorders and loss of immunity.
    • Ashvashila capsule is a combination of two important ayurvedic herbs namely Shilajeet and Ashwagandha
    • This natural product is a very good herbal remedy for general weakness
    • Capsule 20
  • Pet Saffa Natural Laxative...

    • Manufactured by : Pet Saffa
    • Indications : Useful in virechak, agnideepak, paachak
    • Dosage : At bed time or as directed by the physician
    • Effective relief from gastric and acidity problems arising from constipation.
    • Ayurvedic medicine to flourish digestive system with essential nutrients to relieve from constipation.
    • Effective relief from constipation, 100% Ayurvedic
    • Safe & Effective: Herbs used in the formulation provides broad spectrum results without any adversities.
    • Richness of natural active ingredients helps to keep body healthy and gives a long lasting effect in getting relieve from constipation.
    • Country of Origin: India

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