Fresh Fruits Under 199

  • Fresh Apple Red Delicious,...

    • The bright red coloured and heart shaped Red Delicious apples are crunchy,
    • juicy and slightly sweet. Red Delicious Apples are a natural source of fibre and are fat free.
    • They contain a wide variety of anti-oxidants and polynutrients.
    • Apples are one of the healthiest fruits. Rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber which keep our digestive and immune system healthy. Protects from Alzheimers, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

    Fresh Apple Red Delicious,...

  • Fresh Kiwi_3 Pcs. Best...

    • Kiwis are nutrient-dense and full of vitamin C.
    • Kiwis are packed with a lot of flavor and are an excellent source of nutrition.
    • As a source of potassium, kiwi is an excellent choice
    • Kiwi has a reputation as a health food because of its high vitamin C content, but the fruit is also rich in other nutrients
    • Kiwi has a reputation as a health food because of its high vitamin C content, but the fruit is also rich in other nutrient

    Fresh Kiwi_3 Pcs. Best...

  • Fresh Mosambi – 1kg...

    • Fresho Mosambis are of the best quality, handpicked and sourced directly from the farmers of Anantapur.
    • Sweet lime or mosambi is lime-like, large sized with an underlying yellow base.
    • The intense, refreshing aroma is due to essential oils present in the skin.
    • It generally tastes sweet, occasionally tart to sweet.
    • Mosambis are a good source of vitamin C and potassium and its high water content is known for its cooling properties. They lower cholesterol and control blood sugar level. They also prevent constipation. Mosambi peels are highly nutritious, fiber-rich and edible, which are good for skin and nails.

    Fresh Mosambi – 1kg...

  • Fresh Organic Pomegranate, 4...

    • With ruby color and an intense floral, sweet-tart flavor, the pomegranate delivers both taste and beauty.
    • You can remove the skin and the membranes to get at the delicious fruit with nutty seeds.
    • Fresh Pomegranates are finely sorted and graded to deliver the best tasting pomegranates to you.
    • Fresh Pomegranate juice lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol. Reduces the risk of heart stoke. Gives a boost of energy and freshness. So, this is specially recommended for women during menopause. Good for pregnant women as it prevents brain damage in infants.

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